TLD Registry Policies_DNRA

Last Revised: June 19, 2018


TLD Policy, TLD or Registry Site Registry Operator 
academy Donuts
accountant  Famous Four Media
accountants  Donuts
actor Donuts
adult ICM
ag  Nic AG
agency  Donuts
airforce Donuts
am  BRS Media
amsterdam  dotAmsterdam BV
apartments  Donuts
app   Google
archi  Afilias
army Donuts

UK Creative Ideas Limited
asia  DotAsia
associates  Donuts
at  Nic.AT
attorney Donuts
au  Au Domain Administration LTD
auction Donuts
audio Uniregistry
auto Uniregistry
band Donuts
bar  Punto
barcelona The City Council of Barcelona
and Fundació puntCAT  
bargains  Donuts
bayern MMX
be DNS Belgium
bet  Afilias
beer  MMX
berlin  dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG
best  BestTLD
bid  Famous Four Media
bike  Donuts
bingo  Donuts
bio Afilias
biz  Neustar  NASK
black  Afilias
blackfriday Uniregistry
blog Knock Knock WHOIS There, LLC
blue  Afilias

boutique  Donuts
build  Plann Bee, Inc.
builders  Donuts
business  Donuts
buzz  dotStrategy Co.
bz  Nic BZ
ca  CIRA


cab Donuts
cafe  Donuts
camera  Donuts
camp  Donuts
capital  Donuts
car Uniregistry
cards  Donuts
care  Donuts
careers  Donuts
cars Uniregistry
casa  MMX
cash Donuts
casino  Donuts
catering  Donuts
cc  Verisign 
center  Donuts
ceo  PeopleBrowsr
ch  Nic CH
chat  Donuts
cheap  Donuts
christmas Uniregistry
church  Donuts
city  Donuts
cl  Nic Chile
claims  Donuts
cleaning  Donuts
click Uniregistry
clinic  Donuts
clothing  Donuts
cloud  Aruba PEC
club DotClub
cn CNNIC  
co  Neustar  IN Registry JPRS

DNC  Nominet  NICVE  ZA Central Registry
coach  Donuts
codes  Donuts
coffee  Donuts
college XYZ
com N/A Verisign  Nic AG AU Domain Administration LTD  Registrio BR  Nic BZ CNNIC  Neustar  ES NIC  GR Registry  Nic Mexico  MYNIC  NIC PE  Dot PH  NASK   Associação DNS.PT  Coordination Center for TLD .RU  Singapore Network Information Centre SONIC  Taiwan Network Information Center  NICVE 
community  Donuts
company  Donuts
computer  Donuts
condos  Donuts
construction  Donuts
consulting Donuts
contractors  Donuts
cooking  MMX
cool  Donuts
country  MMX
coupons  Donuts
courses    Open Universities Australia Pty LTD
credit  Donuts
creditcard  Donuts
cricket  Famous Four Media
cruises  Donuts
cymru  Nominet
cz  CZ NIC
dance Donuts
date  Famous Four Media
dating  Donuts
deals  Donuts
degree Donuts
delivery  Donuts
democrat Donuts
dental  Donuts
dentist Donuts
desi  Desi Networks
design  Top Level Design
diamonds  Donuts
diet Uniregistry
digital  Donuts
direct  Donuts
directory  Donuts
discount  Donuts
dk  DK Hostmaster
doctor Donuts
dog Donuts
domains  Donuts
download  Famous Four Media
earth  Interlink
education  Donuts
email  Donuts
energy  Donuts
engineer Donuts
engineering  Donuts
enterprises  Donuts
equipment  Donuts
es  ES NIC
estate  Donuts
events  Donuts
exchange  Donuts
expert  Donuts
exposed  Donuts
express  Donuts
fail  Donuts
faith  Famous Four Media
family Donuts
fans Asiamix Digital Limited
farm  Donuts
fashion  MMX
fi  Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority 
film  Motion Picture Domain Registry
finance  Donuts
financial  Donuts  IN Registry
fish  Donuts
fishing  MMX
fit  MMX
fitness  Donuts
flights  Donuts
florist  Donuts
flowers Uniregistry
fm  BRS Media
football  Donuts
forsale Donuts
foundation  Donuts
fr  Afnic
fun  Radix
fund  Donuts
furniture  Donuts
futbol Donuts
fyi  Donuts
gallery  Donuts
game Uniregistry
games Donuts
garden  MMX  IN Registry
gift Uniregistry
gifts  Donuts
gives Donuts
glass  Donuts
global  Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Limited
gmbh Donuts
gold  Donuts
golf  Donuts
gr  GR Registry
graphics  Donuts
gratis  Donuts
green  Afilias
gripe  Donuts
group  Donuts
gs  Atlantis North LTD
guide  Donuts
guitars Uniregistry
guru  Donuts
haus Donuts
health Dot Health, LLC
healthcare  Donuts
help Uniregistry
hiphop Uniregistry
hiv  dotHIV Registry GmbH
hockey  Donuts
holdings  Donuts
holiday  Donuts
horse  MMX
hospital  Donuts
host  Radix
hosting Uniregistry
house  Donuts  Taiwan Network Information Center
immo  Donuts
immobilien Donuts
in  IN Registry  IN Registry
industries  Donuts
info  Afilias  NASK  NICVE 
ink  Top Level Design
institute  Donuts
insure  Donuts
international  Donuts
investments  Donuts
io  NIC .IO
irish Donuts
it  Registro IT
jetzt Donuts
jewelry  Donuts
jobs  Employ Media LLC
jp JPRS  
kaufen Donuts
kim  Afilias
kitchen  Donuts
kiwi  DotKiwi
kr (ne, or, re, idn)  Korea Internet & Security Agency
la  CentralNic
land  Donuts
lawyer  Donuts
lease  Donuts
legal  Donuts
lgbt  Afilias
life  Donuts
lighting  Donuts
limited  Donuts
limo  Donuts
link Uniregistry
live Donuts
loan  Famous Four Media
loans  Donuts
lol Uniregistry
london  Dot London Domains
love  Merchant Law Group LLP
ltd Donuts
ltda  InterNetX
luxury  Luxury Partners LLC
maison  Donuts
management  Donuts
market Donuts
marketing  Donuts
mba  Donuts
me  Dot Me  Nominet
media  Donuts
melbourne State Government of Victoria
memorial  Donuts
men  Donuts
menu  Weddding TLD2
miami  MMX
mobi Afilias
moda Donuts
moe  Interlink Co., Ltd.
mom Uniregistry
money  Donuts
mortgage Donuts
movie  Donuts
ms MNI Networks LTD
mx  Nic Mexico
nagoya  GMO
name  Verisign 
navy  Donuts
net N/A Verisign  Nic AG  AU Domain Administration LTD  Registrio BR  Nic BZ CNNIC  Neustar  IN Registry  MYNIC

DNC  NIC PE  Dot PH  NASK  Coordination Center for TLD .RU SONIC  NICVE 
network  Donuts
news Donuts
ninja Donuts
nl  SIDN
no NORID  Neustar  ES NIC  NIC PE
nrw  MMX
nu IIS
nyc   Neustar
okinawa  GMO
onl  Afilias
online  Radix
org  Public Interest Registry  Nic AG  AU Domain Administration LTD CNNIC  ES NIC  IN Registry  MYNIC

DNC  NIC PE  Dot PH  NASK  Coordination Center for TLD .RU SONIC  Taiwan Network Information Center  Nominet  NICVE 
paris  Ville de Paris
partners  Donuts
parts  Donuts
party  Famous Four Media
pe  NIC PE
pet  Afilias
ph  Dot PH
photo Uniregistry
photography  Donuts
photos  Donuts
pics Uniregistry
pictures  Donuts
pink  Afilias
pizza  Donuts
pl  NASK
place  Donuts
plumbing  Donuts
plus  Donuts
poker  Afilias
porn ICM
press  Radix
pro Afilias
productions  Donuts
promo Afilias
properties  Donuts
property Uniregistry
protection XYZ
pt   Associação DNS.PT
pub Donuts
pw  Radix
qpon  dotCool Inc.
quebec Point Quebec
racing  Famous Four Media
recipes  Donuts
red  Afilias
rehab Donuts
reise  Donuts
reisen  Donuts
rent XYZ
rentals  Donuts
repair  Donuts
report  Donuts
republican Donuts
rest  Punto 2012
restaurant  Donuts
review  Famous Four Media
reviews Donuts
rich  I-Registry Ltd.
rip Donuts
rocks Donuts
rodeo  MMX
ru  Coordination Center for TLD .RU
run  Donuts
ryukyu  GMO
sale Donuts
salon Donuts
sarl  Donuts
school  Donuts
schule  Donuts
science  Famous Four Media
se  IIS
security XYZ
services  Donuts
sex ICM
sexy Uniregistry
sg  Singapore Network Information Centre
shiksha  Afilias
shoes  Donuts
show  Donuts
shop GMO
shopping Donuts
singles  Donuts
site  Radix
ski  Afilias
soccer  Donuts
social Donuts
software Donuts
solar  Donuts
solutions  Donuts
space  Radix
storage XYZ
store Radix
stream Famous Four Media
studio Donuts
study  Open Universities Australia Pty LTD 
style Donuts
supplies  Donuts
supply  Donuts
support   Donuts
surf  MMX
surgery   Donuts
sydney State Government of New South Wales/ARI Registry 
systems   Donuts
tattoo Uniregistry
tax   Donuts
taxi   Donuts
tc  NIC TC Registry LTD
team   Donuts
tech  Radix
technology   Donuts 

tennis   Donuts
theater   Donuts
theatre XYZ
tienda   Donuts
tips   Donuts
tires   Donuts
tk  Dot TK
today   Donuts
tokyo  GMO
tools   Donuts
tours   Donuts
town   Donuts
toys   Donuts
trade  Famous Four Media
training   Donuts
travel Donuts
tube Latin American Telecom, LLC
tv  Verisign 
tw Taiwan Network Information Center
uk  Nominet


university   Donuts
uno DotLatin 
us  Neustar
vacations   Donuts
vegas  Dot Vegas
ventures   Donuts
vet Donuts
viajes   Donuts
video Donuts
villas   Donuts
vin   Donuts
vip MMX
vision   Donuts
vodka  MMX
vote  Afilias
voting  Valuetainment Corp
voto  Afilias
voyage   Donuts
wales  Nominet
watch   Donuts  NICVE 
webcam  Famous Four Media
website  Radix
wedding  MMX
wiki  Top Level Design
win  Famous Four Media
wine   Donuts
work  MMX
works   Donuts
world   Donuts
ws  Global Domains International, Inc.
wtf   Donuts
xxx ICM
xyz XYZ
yoga  MMX
yokohama  GMO
zone   Donuts
移动  Afilias

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