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Our diverse employee population reflects the customers we serve. We support and celebrate everyone on our team through our Employee Resource Groups. Open and inclusive to all employees, these groups are led by an employee president and guided by a member of the leadership team. Check them out.


GoDaddy Women in Technology (GDWIT) serves to create an ongoing conversation among employees regarding issues of interest to women in the workplace and to provide new opportunities to create impact for women and girls in our local communities. In addition to a robust speaker series, who have included BlogHer founders, Lisa Stone and Elisa Camahort to Anita Borg President Telle Whitney, we also host networking events and community activism.


GoDaddy UNITED is designed to ensure within the walls of our company, EVERYONE is able to be themselves, feels safe and informed with regards to issues relating to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community. With a mission that all individuals feel comfortable from a 360 degree perspective when it comes to all things relating to the LGBT community we identify opportunities for GoDaddy to engage LGBT consumers and recruit LGBT employees. We work towards our goal and mission by providing internal education, community partnership, rainbow roadshows and guest speakers.


GoDaddy Veterans (GDVET) creates a welcoming and vibrant community of GoGetters with shared experience and values of military service, either directly or through family members. Placing emphasis on promoting career development and continued skill development of Veterans at GoDaddy, particularly in technology, engineering and general business disciplines. We are proud to bring mentorship programs, buddy systems and a quarterly speaker series to support those who have served and their allies.


GoDaddy Latinos in Technology (GDLIT) is a community of employees who share the goal of seeing the Latino community have a greater impact and presence at GoDaddy. Promoting GoDaddy as a multicultural organization and further attracting Latinos to work in a culturally diverse environment. We strive to provide personal and professional development through peer mentoring, volunteerism and community involvement.


GoDaddy Fitness in Technology (GDFIT) electrifies our culture through energizing movement, motivational wisdom, teamwork and determination. By creating opportunities to connect, get active and get informed, we will foster a supportive, health inspired work-life culture. And we like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT!


Our group, GoDaddy African Americans in Technology (GDAAIT), aims to bring awareness of the many opportunities and possibilities of a career within GoDaddy to the African American Community. Our goal is to assist in recruiting, hiring and advancement by preparing the community, both internal and external, young and experienced, with additional knowledge and skills needed for a successful career. GDAAIT provides employees with continued career development through a diverse speaker series, ever increasing network of employees and a shared desire for inclusion.

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