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Account Suspended Cash Parking

I am very unhappy with setting up Cash Parking. I bought new domains, and set up Cash Parking account (all new, never did this before) I paid through Paypal, there was a payment error but after few days it has been resolved by Paypal, I understand this slowed down Godaddy to launch Cash Parking, Before I saw on my domains: This website does currently not allow cash parking, Now they are parked, but completely in black and you can just see a green stripe stating you can buy it. I reached out to see what's going on, Now the Customer Service answer is so poor (just a template), which does not actually tackle the problem (what ever it is)

The answer is literally: 

We are sorry to inform you that your Go Daddy cash parking account has been suspended.  It appears that at least one of the domains in your account exhibited one or several of the following issues:
-          Suspicious or anomalous traffic patterns
-          Click fraud
-          IP fraud
-          Continued low or poor quality 
-          Chargebacks from our feed providers
-          iFrame violations
Per the Cash Parking Terms & Conditions [], your account has been disabled due to one of the reasons above and earnings will not be paid out to you.  If you have any questions, please contact customer support.


I really think this is not an acceptable answer. I just did buy those domains. And right afterwards parked those.
No solution provided and just an "it's over" even before actually anything began...
There was a payment failure with Paypal, but it has been resolved. Everything is paid.
Anything else GD states is not applicable, you can see in my account, until now I have had ZERO impressions....
-          Suspicious or anomalous traffic patterns (not possible as never run)
-          Click fraud  (not possible as never run)
-          IP fraud  (not possible as never run)
-          Continued low or poor quality   (not possible as never run)
-          Chargebacks from our feed providers - This has been solved.
-          iFrame violations (not possible as never run)


Anyone had similar problems?


Thx, Ramona


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Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking



Sorry to hear you're having issues. Unfortunately, this sounds like something that may be an account management issue. The only real recourse we can give on the community boards is to point you to the various support channels that have backend access. We are mostly volunteers, so we do not.


I'm not sure if anyone else has had the issue but the best chance for a resolution to this one is to call in or do a live chat.

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Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking

It can be complicated with Cash Parking as the ads actually come from a 3rd party network who enforces the rules, and they do not necessarily say why an account may have been excluded.  You can try contacting support to see if it can be escalated.

Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking

I just read online this tip:

"Register with a registrar, host with a hosting company, park on a parking lot"


So GD is not really into parking. Guess my domain name (at least 1 of them)  is simply too good name, possible traffic (typo page)


I will figure out now what to do with these pages. it's a shame, I wanted to park before using the pages, and just not let them empty, right now i ve no real time...


Really stupid too suspend a beginner before he actually begins 😞

Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking

They just say I am suspended (hey had zero impressions so far..) due to the third party, they can t say more.... 

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Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking

Unfortunately if the ad network wouldn't serve ads for your account then Cash Parking isn't going to work for you.  If the domain is a typo of an established brand it's possible this is the reason.  There are other similar services out there which may use different networks, if you wanted to refer to your favorite search engine.  If you do find one that'll work with you, generally it is setup with nameservers.

Re: Account Suspended Cash Parking

Yes & no. I had almost 30 domains parked. Not all of those would be violating, I still don't know which domain was the issue, but suspect 1 to be the bad ass. A global account suspension is just bad user experience. I park now the domains where I know they really shall be ok, with SEDO. No problems with parking at all here & all activate din no matter of time (GoDaddy had nothing live not even after 2 weeks)

I ll reach out to SEDO now regarding the domains, where I have doubts, and try that they screen them and if there is a n issue also just don't suspend everything else...

I am truly s newbie, there was no reason for Godaddy to suspend everything and not specific domains..

Don't understand their support they just loose clients & opportunities....