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Brand new website deleted because of 7,99 gbp overdue

Dear GoDaddy,


I'm a fairly new GoDaddy customer. I have selected your hosting plan because of transparency, simplicity and your good name. It all went really well until 5th of January when my site got permanently deleted. I mean it's gone, no kidding. All work gone.


I have contacted your support a few days ago, that had been helpful before (during the setup)  and found out my site indeed got removed on 5th of January because I didn't notice 7,99 GBP invoice overdue from 16th of December.


Last two weeks of December were special days for my family and I really did miss the Revolut card option (freezed card for online transfers). I am responsible and will take the blame! But I simply can not reason about why  GoDaddy took such a strong measure because of a 7,99 payment overdue. Is this the correct practice toward customers. I don't know.


Support told me that my new site is all gone, that they hope I have a backup because they don't guarantee it, then after all of the sweat told me that they can "save" my situation by paying 150 USD hosting restoration fee. Note that my site is a small traffic WP site. 


I tried to reason with them to bring my website back for a few days till I transfer the money to them from my bank (it isn't a small amount), but support operator simply couldn't do it without finally paying 164 USD (restoration fee, taxes and one month for hosting plan) first.


I'm asking GoDaddy if this is normal or did I miss something bigtime on my end and deserve to learn it the hard way?


Note that I will gladly pay for my mistake because I don't want to lose my work on the website, but on the other hand, the amount to pay is really high for such a small period of time and I'm  writing this because I still got hope for GoDaddy to find a way without breaking my families budget 😞


Best regards to GoDaddy and to many more years of cooperation.













I am happy to say GoDaddy's support took time for my complaint and resolved my issue correctly

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Super User II

That is unfortunate.  The billing system is automated using a pre-pay model, when an account expires it is deleted.  Then it would take a human to track down the files and restore an account.

Ok, so I paid the restoration fee and got an empty/blank/no content website from GoDaddy support team. I have contacted the support and they will repeat the restoration. What can I do if they don't succeed restoring my website, am I entitled to refund of restoration fee?



Hi @21Questions. Sorry you're having difficulties. If the restore is not successful, then it is usually refundable. If it is partially successful, then it may not be refunded. The best thing to do is check with our support team to see what your options are. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Funny because I asked your support member if they can restore my website first so I can see it's working (reading forums and all) and I'll pay after successful restore. Which he explained that I must first pay but I can later dispute it if not successful and will be refunded. Right now I feel I was being lied to and robbed. But let's wait for next restoration from the GoDaddy team before final conclusions. At least another try of restoration is free as a one-time exception they said. Really funny.

Here's an update: The restored website is still empty / blank / no content!


Since I can't answer your email (see below) I'll write here:


I will need to finish the restoration by myself, therefore, I expect being compensated for at least part of the amount.  Your support promised that to me on 10th of January before I made the payment. I would never pay 200 USD for a service that can't be finished. If you aren't able to do it, at least refund something and stop scamming your customers. 


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I am happy to say GoDaddy's support took time for my complaint and resolved my issue correctly

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Glad to hear your issue has been resolved.  Not to rub salt in the wound, but moving forward it is a good idea to keep your own backups to fallback to if something happens in the future.

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