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Can't log into GoDaddy. Only via facebook. - via the log-in menu.

Hi All.


I've spent the last hour trying to fix this. I cannot log in to Go Daddy via the log-in menu. I can only do it via facebook secondary button.


Once i do get in, I check all my account settings and there are 'bugs' in the interface. I cannot update my user name and id. I click save and all that, the screen refreshes, and it still shows my old user name.


Can so tech guy look into this?


Also i called customer support and the automated message says i have 2 accounts associated with my numeric customer id. What should i do to clarify or change this??




Hi @pkt888

Thanks for posting in our forums. Sounds like you might have created your account using our Facebook option. If that was the case, you still should be able to retrieve your account login info. Please try using our account retrieval system. If you think you have more than one account with us, give our support team a call. One of our support agents can do an account review with you and merge the accounts together, to avoid any confusion. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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