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Cannot disable 2 factor authentication

It's been almost 2 months since I cannot log in into my company's account because I enabled 2 factor authentication and my phone died.

I've followed the process of emailing the account with all my information and my company's information like 15 times but I still don't receive any help.

I keep getting an automatic reply.

I've tried to call support in different countries and languages but no one has been able to help me.

I've even tried to escalate it but I haven't received a response either.

What el can I do to regain access to my account?


Hi @GiulianaNR,


Welcome to the Community!

None of the replies from the submission of a 2-step removal form are automated. Each request is review by our Account Recovery team. Be sure that you submit your request from the same email address as appears on the customer account. If you are not longer able to use that email address, you can request the team to update that first by going to


You'll also need to be sure your name matches the exact name on the account. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized access. The GoDaddy terms of service require accurate account identification for the ownership of the account.


Request 2-step cancellation



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Yes I'm sending the email from the same address that is registered in my account.

And the account is registered with the name of the company. Of course the documentation I'm sending matches the name of my company. I've sent around 20 emails with documents and the replies always say the same thing asking for the documents that I have already sent. 

I have called support on the phone with people of 3 different countries. I have asked for support via chat. I have sent emails to the customer success director. I have sent messages to different people of GoDaddy via different social networks.

Still it has been more than 6 weeks and I still cannot login to my account.