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Cannot edit payment options

     Im trying to edit my payment options. I bought hosting for 1 month and its about to get expired i want to renew it for a year with a different card but when i edit and enter all my options 
its is shown 
Yikes! We couldn't process your request. Please try again or contact customer support if this issue continues

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Cannot edit payment options

Hey there @Zain1 


The first thing I would try to do is open up via an incognito/private window, log in, and see if you can change the options then. Sometimes caching can cause errors like that.


If that doesn't work, you should contact phone support or live chat and they should be able to get you sorted in no time.

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Re: Cannot edit payment options

Error persists even after i use VPN ... and your chat link isnt working it just keeps loading so i cant even access it !! 
please help Smiley Happy 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cannot edit payment options

Hi @Zain1. Thanks for posting. A VPN wouldn't help in this case. You'd specifically want to use a browser window that does not have cache or cookies loaded. That's why @MrVapor suggested an incognito (Chrome) or private window (FireFox). I'd suggest trying that and also using the US version of the page. Our chat services are up. It seems the button is just not loading for you. 


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