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Complaint - Poor Service

I am unhappy the way your support works, only phone support which is terrible. the minimum waiting time is 1 hour and then it gets disconnected, none of our employees want to make a call GoDaddy. 

we regret moving to GoDaddy.


And all your website is about buying more than carrying about customer service. 


We have domains, email hosting, web hosting, backups, etc with Godaddy.  Whenever we need to add a domain for hosting it gives an error, we call your support after a few days we get connected, the support says its an issue and we will resolve. 


The same thing repeats when we add the next website. 


We were prompted to buy a Site Backup and Restore - Plesk , which we did in March this year (Order Number: 1282970464 ) and as of today the backup is not activated, in fact, we are also 0charged for renewal of the same service for another year. (already informed the support about this


I really do not know which channel to use to let you all know that the service level has dropped tremendously. 


Frustrated Client

Community Manager

Hi @PRABJEET. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult time with your hosting. That's definitely not the type of experience we'd want you to have. However, as this is not a support forum, no one here would be able to help you address issues with your account. It does sound like there is a problem with your hosting though. You shouldn't have a problem every time you add a domain. If this happens again, please connect with our hosting support team specifically. If you do not wish to call, there are options to chat, which are touched on in this post. I can leave a note in your account to make sure that the issue is reviewed further. You may also want to touch base with our billing team if you have any questions about product refunds. 


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