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To start, I have been a Go Daddy customer for over 10 years. We had an issue where one of our cPanel email addresses was hacked. They tried to send out 5000+ spam emails, but luckily they were not delivered. Unfortunately this caused our other emails to reach there max daily limit.


I called hosting support to ask how to go about fixing the issue. He said he was not sure and forwarded me to another tech. That person mostly spent the time trying to tell me all the problems that I had and couldn't stop trying to sell me on new products instead of helping. After a while I gave up.


Later that day I tried to call again, hoping to get someone a little more helpful. They were, at least I thought they were. They informed me that the limits should reset at midnight and all should be good by the next day.


Well, the next day we were still getting messages that we had exceeded our email limit. I called again and this time I finally got someone that was willing to help me. I already had changed passwords on our emails, but he walked me through changing them on my Wordpress login and database, along with cPanel. He then told me that now everything was secure, he would inform the powers that be to release the limit on our emails. Just like that it was fixed. 


When someone is in the middle of an issue, I want help fixing the problem, not someone trying to sell me stuff. If after you fix the problem you want to let me know how to avoid it in the future that's fine, but not while the sh*t is hitting the fan. Is that really that hard to do. I wanted customer "support" not "sales".

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So, what you are saying is that I'm not the only one that had been frustrated by support @David865? Your situation sounds familiar but I think we look at similar irritation differently? I'm happy that you eventually found resolution to your issue but I see your overall experience as a triumph. 


What you must know is that every GoDaddy support representative seeks to help to the best of their ability.* Your gripe seems to be the level of support the first representative could offer? It sounds to me like they presented the best assistance they could? Not every support representative is created equal. Doesn't sound like it was an upsell as much as it was the best solution they could offer? 


The second support person you spoke with seemed to know exactly what was needed? I can tell you without a doubt in that case the representative went above and beyond when helping you with WordPress. I guess my point is that it's not as much that you found a support person that was willing but instead a support person that was able. 


GoDaddy support representatives are wonderful with GoDaddy products. Not every GoDaddy representative is great with web platforms like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart... I mostly find that support personnel often have their own website and understanding outside of GoDaddy but not all do. Basically they are users much like us. By the time I call support I'm already at frustration level 8 and if I get off the phone with no resolution it is easy to be a 9 or 10. My frustration isn't with support (maybe two points of it is) but they often get all of the blame. 


Sound to me like you got a good support person initially and a superior one subsequently who worked with you to resolve your issue. So you went from like frustration level 10 to level 3 with just enough dissatisfaction to write this post? As I said in the beginning @David865 you're not the only one but I hope that you're experience has made you more knowledgeable and the support representatives you some with more responsive.


Glad you were able to vent your frustration. Thanks to GoDaddy for giving you a user voice.


*occasionally there are bad apples but when they are discovered they are handled


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

I can relate to you David865. For me it was not about someone trying to sell me stuff, but I just experienced the worst ever mansplaining from the GoDaddy SSL tech support. Had I not recently received professional customer service from someone else, this would have been Good Bye GoDaddy.