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DNS reset on auto-renew

In the last 6 or so months (at least that I can remember), I've been having a random issue. It doesn't happen every time.


A domain set to auto-renew does in fact renew. That's great., but, at the same time, the nameservers or A record are set back to GoDaddy's defaults. Of course this crashes my clients' websites. I got on a call with a tech one time and he swore black and blue that GoDaddy would never do this and I or my client must have done it.  My clients' domains are in my account, the account is secured with a one-time passcode to get in - clients aren't doing it. And I certainly aren't doing it - why would I want to irritate my own clients.


So, yesterday, a client rang me in a tiz - her old site is showing. She is clueless on internet things so I know she didn't do it. And I haven't touched her site since a major upgrade last year (and it was working when I left it). This particular client has her own GoDaddy account, so I logged in and surprise, surprise; the DNS had been changed. I'd placed an A record to point to my server for this client as she had other services set up prior to me taking over and I didn't want to mess those up. Instead of the A record pointing to my server IP, GoDaddy (yes, they admitted they had a problem to my client on the phone as she rang them prior to calling me) had changed the A record to point to PARKED!!! 


When my client rang me, she told me she was on hold, on another line with GoDaddy and they'd said they'd had this issue for "some time" where auto-renew could mess with DNS. My client didn't say if it bothered them and they were doing anything about it, just that they knew about it.


Now it's small potatoes really, but I had my workflow interrupted, and spent 10-15 minutes figuring this out. Who can I bill for my time? The client? No, not her fault. GoDaddy, yes, but would they pay? Doubt it.


This is unacceptable.  Fix the problem.


Hi @trogladyte,

We appreciate you posting in our forums. Sorry, we don't have an ETA for resolution, but our teams are aware of this issue and currently investigating it. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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