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Disappointed in refund policy

I just spent 2 hours dealing with customer service both online and over the phone about an issue they could not resolve for me. Very Very Very disappointed and slightly ANGRY.


2 years ago I bought a domain name with Go Daddy, which I never got around to using as I had changed my company name after purchasing this domain product. I then ended up going with a different service provider and let the domain name at Go Daddy just run out......or DID I !!!!!!!!!


I just returned from being out in the wilderness for 2 weeks with ZERO internet reception to find a charge I didn't recognize, turns out Go Daddy has switched on Auto-Renewal for me (thanks so much, that was really thoughtful) I got online and contacted them in India to explain that I didn't actually need this domain name for another 2 years and there must have been a mistake....Low and Behold I was a DAY LATE in calling! Apparently, you can cancel it within 5 days...but GOD FORBID you call on day 6. I then called the customer service line myself and spoke to various people who told me the same thing....Nothing we can do, there isn't even anywhere you can escalate this issue to! I personally think this is Fraud, I had not agreed to anything additional to the first purchase, if I ordered some take out food and they turned up the next week with the same order saying, we thought you wanted this again....yes I probably would take it....but this was two years later and if they had any engagement with my account at all, they would see I hadn't used the domain name in the first place.


I can't tell you if I had any reminders, I certainly didn't see any as they send me so much SPAM anyway it's hard to filter out the real emails from the nonsense, I also wasn't looking as it was a purchase from 2 years ago. 


After 30 minutes on the phone and the nice chap explaining to me, that "imagine if Amazon did not have auto-renewal on and big companies website were taken off line...." (Yes, that's exactly like my issue) I'm pretty sure Amazon have a guy on 6 digits just to take care of this and they are probably paid up for the next 1000 years, was what I was thinking.


My only option was to list for sale, they told me it was worth $300, I replied if you think it's worth that, then you can have it for the price of the renewal.....silence. It's disappointing as I wont be using the service again and I find the whole thing to be really unfair.


Community Manager

Hi @On-The-Line. Thanks for posting. I can understand your frustration with the situation. Please keep in mind that this is a community forum rather than a support form. Users here do not have access to internal GoDaddy systems and generally aren't able to assist with account specific issues.


While I can't help you get a refund, I'd like to clarify a few points. First, regarding the 5-day refund window, while this may seem like an arbitrary time limit, it is actually tied to the amount of time GoDaddy has to recover the registration cost from the domain registry. This is different for multi-year renewals than it is from a single year renewal. Even though you're just a day beyond that timeframe, it's still past the deadline. GoDaddy would actually have to take a loss in order to refund the charge to you.


Second, in regard to automatic renewal settings, these are enabled by default unless you set up a buyer profile that indicates otherwise.  While you may not have realized it, the terms and conditions you agree to when making a purchase indicate that this is so. 


Lastly, in regard to purchasing/selling domains, while I see your logic, GoDaddy doesn't typically purchase domains from registrants. This has happened in the past, but only in the context of a large portfolio of high-value domains. I'd encourage you to try selling the domain as you've mentioned. Either that or you can use it for something else like domain forwarding or creating a URL shortener. I hope this helps in some small way. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Hi JesseW,


Thanks for getting back to me about the frustrating issue at Go Daddy. I understand that this is a community forum which is why I was making other users in the community aware for this problem and I wasn't really looking for help as such. I think they would appreciate this information. There is also nowhere else for me to escalate this issue to apart from this community! My issue basically stops with the guy in India I spoke to saying that there was nothing he can do. There are also no complaint forms or any further assistance. So what exactly are my options apart from letting other people know? 


I since checked my email spam folder where there was a reminder for the renewal, but that was it...buried in a mass portfolio of junk email which was difficult to tell if it was even real. I never agreed to renewing my domain name and it's as simple as that. It shouldn't be up to the user to fiddle around with settings once a domain has been purchased to make sure he doesn't get charged again at some point.


I realize you can't help me get a refund, obviously it's 'impossible' for someone to be given their money back after 6 days...and I actually do think Go Daddy should take this loss instead of me and they can do what they like with the name.


I realize the options with FWD, it was actually already set to this....again more advice from someone who hasn't actually looked at my portfolio or settings either. 


I won't be ever using Go Daddy again and i'm glad I know a lot of people in the tech industry to vent my anger on this issue to.