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Domain renewal of my domain service but I didn't get any confirmation


I want to register a complaint regarding my renewal of the domain service. Last night, I paid renewal amount of my domain service but I didn't get any confirmation from Go Daddy and money was deducted from my bank account.


Thanks and Regards

Gaurav Saraswat

Community Manager

Hi @grv2112. Thanks for posting. It's not clear exactly what your concern is. If you paid for a domain renewal but do not see a change in the domain's renewal date, then I'd suggest first double-checking to see if the renewal date changed at the registry. You can look at this by searching for the domain on a WHOIS lookup, like this one. If you determine that the date didn't change, then make sure you see a receipt for the transaction in your account's order history. Please keep in mind that if you see a "pending" charge with your bank but no receipt, it could mean that the transaction failed. In that case, the pending charge should just disappear from your bank after a few days. If you don't see a receipt, then it's likely that GoDaddy didn't renew the domain because they didn't receive funds to do so. If you want the situation reviewed further, you'll need to get in touch with our customer care team. As this is a community forum, no one here would be able to help you with an account specific issue. Hope that helps. 


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