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Extremely disappointed on godaddy website design team

We asked godaddy to design an ecommerce website for us about half a year ago. To be very clear of what we want, we sent them a very detailed spreadsheet elaborating what we think about our website should look like. They agreed and promised it would be done very soon. However, the design never reach our expectation. It looks like a high school project putting some pages together without any logic. Every time we called them asking for the revision and updates, they just told us to be finished in two weeks until we completely lost the patience and ask them to stop the project and refund us. They did send me the email claiming the project completed but refuse to refund us since it has been done partially. I am shocked by the way they treat the customer in such an unprofessional way. It is like you buy a customer designed wedding cake but just get the cake without any topping and decoration while you still pay the full price since at least they bake the cake. It is not just wasting our money but more importantly our time. If I knew they are not capable or if they admitted they can not make it at the beginning, we could easily find somebody else to make it for us. We are going to get our money back in whatever way we can and in the mean time have to consider switching whole service to other provider.

Community Manager

Hi @raytum. Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns. That does sound like a frustrating situation. I know that the build process can sometimes take longer than expected, even when everything happens as it should. Our design team usually does a very good job of explaining what can and can't be done and setting the right expectations. I'm sorry if you don't feel this happened. The best way to move forward would be to continue working with our design service team, even if what you're looking for is a refund. As this is a community forum, we wouldn't be able to offer you a refund here. However, if there is a technical issue that the community can help with, feel free to share that in its own post. 


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