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Frustrated with price increase and restore fee

Extremely disappointed in the level of service I've received over the past week with GoDaddy. I was randomly charged more for a wordpress deluxe plan I've had for the past year+. I didn't get informed of the increase which frustrated me. I did receive a receipt after they charged me which was quite interesting. Prior to that, I've been doing business with GoDaddy since 2010. I then canceled the service. No one informed me that all my content would be deleted at Wordpress. Since Wordpress is separate, all of my posts should still be saved there. Now, to restore my old content, it costs $150? ¡No Bueno! If I was notified of this increase in the first place, none of this would have ever happened. This company has normalized and made it apart of their policy to charge more without notifying the customer which I think is disgusting. When is the last time a bill you've payed increased in price and they just charged your card without notifying you of it? On top of that, when I complained to a rookie "manager" by the name of Sergio, he has an "oh well" attitude. Some customer service. My issue isn't with the price increasing. My issue is not informing me and having the nerve to treat your loyal customers this way as well as not informing me that content I posted and worked hard on for the past 4 years will be deleted. I would think as a customer service rep, I would get notified of something as important as that if someone canceled service and decides to take another route.

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Sounds like a real lack of communication between Vernon1221 and GoDaddy. 

I would suggest that Vernon1221 go back and read whatever agreements were agreed to back in 2010 when Vernon1221 became a customer of GoDaddy with regard to ownership of the WordPress content. For example, is material added to WordPress through GoDaddy part of a GoDaddy account? 

I would suggest that others keep a copy of hard to replace items such as blog post, testimonials, etc. that some service provider might lose or delete. 

I would like to see a meaningful response from Go Daddy (not a contact us offline type response) as to what happened here and what expectations are realistic when one posts using a GoDaddy account. 

Thank you!.

Yes, indeed it was a lack of communication. I din't even know to ask if my content would be deleted as Im not the most tech savvy. If I knew all my content that I've worked hard on since 2015 would be deleted I would have sought another option. 

Hi Vernon1221, I hope that GoDaddy will respond with a resolution which is satisfactory to you. Keep us informed. 


Hey Vernon,


Are you sure your account wasn't set for automatic renewals?


Most times when you sign up with Go Daddy the prices are introductory prices only.....slashed over 50% off so the jump may have been that you were set to renew and everything automatically renewed at full price. That's my only guess...however, that doesn't excuse poor customer service! Hopefully you can get another customer service rep on the phone to help provide clarity on what happened and help you retrieve all of your content. I think in the future you can do manual back ups and keep copies of your site incase of something like this happening.

Hi KIP2018,


Thanks for your response. My account has always been set up with automatic renewals as I've payed monthly since 2015. I've been paying $9.99 monthly for the past 3 years. That actually is paying MORE than if I purchased a yearly subscription but that option worked BEST for me and it was available so I used this option. To randomly go up in price one day and not inform me is ridiculous. I get a receipt of the charge but don't get a curtesy if something goes up? That's not right. But GoDaddy has normalized this and made it apart of their policy which is not right. If you do the math, $9.99 multiplied by 12 is $119.88 after a year and I could have easily saved by purchasing a one time yearly subscription so the price increase wasn't the issue. Raising the price without notifying me was the issue and its all about principle. To top that off, the rep who cancels the plan that I request failed to communicate with me that my content would be deleted. (Im not super tech savvy so I didn't know this.) Since my site is at Wordpress, I thought my posts would still be there. If the rep did communicate that with me, I wouldn't cancel and would seek another option. Now that I'd like to get my content back it costs $150?? That is horrible. 

I agree, that's horrible and I completely understand your frustration. Please do update when this is resolved. See if they have a customer loyalty department or something to work something out for you so you're not at a complete loss when it comes to your content and out of $150 bucks! I hope you can get some satisfaction from GoDaddy on this issue. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for sharing your story.


We have been a loyal Godaddy customer since the early days of Godaddy, but have now moved all of hosting accounts elsewhere. Godaddy customer service and pricing policies are shambolic, and I will recommend you find a suitable hosting provider elsewhere. There is a jungle of different providers, but I suggest using an impartial website/service to find the service that best suits your needs.


I am very cautious not give any "black or white" statements about Godaddy, but having used the service as a private person, an SME company and an Enterprise company, I must admit that Godaddy no longer meets the requirements of a serious hosting provider, and I will certainly not be using Godaddy for any of our hosting services unless they dramatically change their attitude, service and pricing policies. Companies this size are often ignorant, but they cannot afford a large portion of their customer base fleeing to other providers. However, that is exactly what is recommended. 

 I too am finding that Godaddy is "Shambolic" after being with them since 2001. Who did you move to or what company do you recommend?



Just happened to me after 7,99 overdue for 20 days, but that's not all:

I paid the 200 usd (restoration fee, taxes, renewal, etc) and got restored an EMPTY website, with no content!

They said they will try again for FREE as a one-time exception. Kind of them is it not? Smiley Happy


I will keep communities posted how it goes this time.

I am happy to say GoDaddy's support took time for my complaint and resolved my issue correctly.


Hi @vernon1221, thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with your account. Do keep in mind that members of the Community do not have access to account details and cannot review the specifics of your account to discuss exactly what might have happened within your account.

While prices are subject to change, it does sound like you might have originally purchased the plan using a promotional discount. Services will also always renew at the current rates, if a price change does occur. Current prices are always available on the GoDaddy website.

Regarding your website, cancelling the hosting plan does delete any associated website and website files. If you had a WordPress plan through GoDaddy, the site and it's content would be hosted on GoDaddy servers and it would not be added or transferred to a account or blog. If you have a backup of your website, you can use that to restore your site. In the unfortunate circumstance that you did not maintain your own backups of the site, you would need to continue working with Support to restore your site.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi GaryA,


I think that you have provided Vernon1221 with a very thorough answer.  The content is pretty much what I expected to see.  This does raise a broader question though.   What obligation should a service like GoDaddy (which does I believe market to people who may not be tech savvy) have to be sure that its technically less sophisticated customers understand what they are buying.  (Vernon1221 has stated that he is "not the most tech savvy" in the dialog above.)  Also, what obligation should a service like GoDaddy have to a less tech savvy customer when they may do something which is not in their own best interest.    Is a restoration fee of over $100 reasonable considering that a customer states that there was a lack of understanding of the implications of the customer cancelling an account?