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GoDaddy Customer Care is a Disgrace

I have been a client for many years and have witnessed the decline in client support. I have to admit the only reason why I am still a client here is because I was to busy to actually find the time to move my sites of the three hosting accounts that I still have here. But the issues are reoccurring at an alarming rate and now GoDaddy makes it impossible to be reached.

They have first blocked the avenue to contact them via email.

later the ticketing system was dismantled  and now the live chat function is also not longer available.

It leaves us only with a lengthy and pricey phone battle. 

Not all of us have the possibility to call and be able to express them selves verbally some are dependent on the written word.

I have a hosting account on which are currently 5 domains and websites. All of which have disappeared and I have no option to contact anybody to seek help.

The sites are simply gone.

The files and the databases are still on the hosting but no longer visible.

I have no way of contacting your phone numbers and even if I had I DO NOT HEAR YOU!

Dear Godaddy - watch a client of a solid decade of walk away.

No Customer Care - No Service - No reliability


Since I am forced here to chose between suggestion and question 

Here is my question to the community of whom many are jumping this sinking ship - where do you guys switch? Need a new business partner who is willing to host my sites and actually communicate.


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Hi @anna4webdesign,


Please give me a list of your websites (5 only please) and I will run a quick check. Please use '@Retired' so that I get a notification of your message.


Also live chat is available at Arizona USA local time 5am ~ 6pm. In busy periods there is normally a wait before you can connect by clicking on the button.

Phones are 24/7.


I will try and help in my limited capacity but really support are the best to contact regarding this. They have full access to your account and can jump into it...



@Retired I am in the Philippines and have been hunting for the elusive Chat button now for 48h straight. It is not there anymore.

I have beet trying to reach customer care but there is no option for that as I said phone does not work for me. 

They have done something to that hosting and all went down. The files and DB are still there but nothing shows. The main domain is


The sites that are down are all on the same hosting showing the same error here a sample.  


Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/var/chroot/home/content/protect.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5_3/lib/php') in Unknown on line 0


So here is an update for you guys. After almost 5 days I have finally glimpsed the elusive Chat Button and got hold of the customer service. 

After close to two hours in chat they have disabled the control files on the hosting and have restarted the processes after which the sties started loading with no problem. 

I went to bed.

Next morning the problem was back. So no progress there. 

Godaddy's suggestion to my issue is to get a new hosting. 😞  Since my account is too old for them to support. Wow that is some solid policy right there on how to handle long term customers.

So still no solution.  

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Hi @anna4webdesign,

Support offered a possible solution; to upgrade your hosting. It's entirely up to you if you wish not to take this suggestion. 

In the news lately was the security issue that was made worse by the fact that UK hospitals were all still running the ancient windows XP. The option to update was put off for years just because the trusts running the hospitals wanted to save money. In the end it has cost them huge amounts to not only clear the ransomware, but also update their systems. Still a lot of the institutions are too tight fisted to upgrade even when recommended by IT security experts. IT funding has always been an afterthought because it's out of sight.

There was one motor spares person on here who had been putting up with a database fault for years he said. How much money in wasted time do you think it cost him? When it was suggested to him that he needed to update his database he was shocked and adamant that there must be a workaround. Ever wondered why that garage took so long to get those parts for your car? Then ordered the wrong parts and blamed it on the supplier?

So when your clients ask you, "What are you doing about my site being down, are you doing ALL that you can?" the responsibility comes down to you. 


Hope things work out.