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Godaddy and credit card numbers

Being wary of using my credit card on line, I use a service called ShopSafe from my card provider that generates a unique credit card number, expiration date, and security code for each transaction. Only my credit card company has my actual number. I purchase everything online using this service including my godaddy domains and services.


Now it is time for renewal, and godaddy's renewal page is not satisfied with my credit card number. Apparently the full number fails some validation math godaddy's card processor is using. Therefore I am unable to renew my domains without providing a more permanent payment method.


Anyone else have a problem recently using ShopSafe or another similar service or problems with their payment page accepting your card number?


Thanks in advance.



Community Manager

Hi @pbj3d. Thanks for posting. Our system requires an active payment method be on file for the account if there are any active products in it. You wouldn't be able to use virtual credit card numbers. As an alternative, if you're in a region that can use PayPal, you can add your credit card to your PayPal account and then try checking out with that. I hope that helps. 


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