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Godaddy cart not working

The Godaddy cart is not working. When I try to renew my domains and click "add to cart" or whatever, nothing happens. I have tried doing this from 3 different web browsers and still have the same problem. I first tried to renew my domains a few days ago and could not even get the Godaddy site to let me log into my account. I don't have time to wait for "live chat" or to wait on hold on a phone call. Is anybody else having this problem?

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Re: Godaddy cart not working



I did experience that as well yesterday when I was trying to do my monthly domain renewals.    I would get an empty cart notice when I had just checked to add 19 domains!   In my experience whenever carts do not maintain their contents, it is a cookie issue.


What I did was manually whitelist in my browser's security settings and that did the trick.  HTH! 😉



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Re: Godaddy cart not working

Hi @cartnotworking and @Muse,


At the time of this posting, we were experiencing intermittent issues in our system over the shopping cart. Those issues are reported to be resolved. However, Muse's reply is an excellent one. Always try to clear your cache and cookies, make sure pop-ups and java are enabled, and try a private/incognito browsing window to see if you're able to clear the issue locally.



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Re: Godaddy cart not working

Thank you for your help!