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Godaddy erase my files, suspended my web hosting account and kept charging me for their services.

I've been a client of Godaddy for   15 years.  They sent me an email  saying I was "violating" some "internal rules"  because I was storing files in my web hosting space that were not related to my website and gave 7 days to correct the issue.  Since  I did not replay by  calling them, (you can not write them an e-mail  back),    they suspended my account and erase some of my files seven days later. But oh surprise they kept charging me even though my website was down and I lost my files.  I called them to ask them for my money back  but they do not want to give me  my money  back for the services they did not provide. Such a nice way to treat a 15 years old client who had never have any "violations" before. They want clients to call them but they cannot call a 15 years old client     before erasing their   corporate files and putting the company website down.   So much room for improvement in  customer support.  Nice way to erase all the adverting money you company invest in media.