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Godaddy monitoring: "site is down" false flag?

I have just started using godaddy monitoring for my sites and have a few linked up. With one website in particular I've been getting emails that " is down.  We alert you when we detect that the site is down for more than 20 minutes." Then I'll get an email a few minutes later that it's back up and running.


This has been happening 1-3 times a day since I've linked up the monitoring service. When I get an email that the site is down, I pull up the site in my browser and it is not down. I have never actually seen the site go down.


Are these just false flags or is there something actually wrong with my website? What is godaddy actually monitoring with this service? I've had no problems with any of my other sites.



Super User II

It could be the monitoring service you are using, for some reason, may not be able to make it to your site's server.  Maybe consider monitoring with more than one service to see if they correlate?  Are you monitoring all your sites?  If they are on the same pod, seeing if they all go down or if it is just the one site, will help as well to determine if it is the site or the shared server.


Have you tried

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Advocate VII

Hi @DesignByFit,


I've been having the same exact issue.  One thing I have noticed (and will be calling support soon) is that response time is poor.  Using the GoDaddy-provided tool, I run a health check on the site.  The first item that is mentioned to improve load time is "reduce server response time"..  Just wondering if the up/down is a result of slow response times.


I'll let  you know what I find out.


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Could be response time...  Since the OP,  I setup a test with WPMU Dev uptime monitoring that is noted in the site's WP dashboard and also setup monitoring with Pingdom.  The in-dash stats do not reflect down-time when Pingdom alerts of down time.  

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Getting Started

Similar issue. I setup monitoring for a couple clients' sites. One was configured with ease. The other just takes forever to lose its 'pending' status, and then it alerts me that the site's 'down', except of course, that it isn't.