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How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?

I have just this moment ended an hour long chat with 2 chat support members, who were unable to resolve my issue. I am out of pocket for a product I did not authorise, and for which I am told I have no recourse to a refund. Which in simple language is theft. 


As such, while I am no expert, I would like to be able to communicate directly with a senior member of staff in an effort to get this resolved. GoDaddy will have an office and a desk somewhere that one can interface with. 


I understand using a chat option only as a method to attempt to resolve customer problems, but I would assume again that skirting European consumer law as a consequence is an entirely more sinister thing. Yes, I am angry and frustrated that the answer I am given is 'we cannot help you' when you are the source of my problem and you most certainly should. 


Can someone please provide me with a corporate contact, any country will do where I can escalate my problem with a view to getting it resolved?


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?



Unfortunately, there is no direct office to complain to, but GoDaddy supervisors are standing by at all times if you'd like to call phone support and request one. They will be more than happy to look into your issue and resolve it if possible.

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Re: How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?

Hi Joe and thank you for your reply.


Having spoken to two support team members, one of whom told me they were supervisors they were unable to help me.


As such my question is what next?


GoDaddy took a payment they were not authorised to, I notified them IMMEDIATELY (literally within about 15 minutes) and I have been told they have no mechanism to refund the charge. I have a copy of the chat where they admit I have every right to be angry and they also admit they have no method of remedying it. 


They would only be able to cancel ALL (3) of my domains. Obviously not acceptable and not a solution.


Do I go to the police and charge them with theft? I'm not sure they need that kind of PR. 


I appreciate you may be unable to assist, but again I thank you for your effort. 


Re: How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?

Hi @HedgePig,


We're sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service provided by our support team. It sounds like you were caught unawares by an automatic renewal in your account. Emails are sent to alert you to expirations and pending billings, so that you can take action in your account (be sure to check your spam folders). In general, yearly renewals must be canceled in 30 days from purchase or renewal; monthly renewals in 48 hours. However, some domains are non-refundable, as dictated by the Registry from which they are obtained. You may check our public refund policy here for clarification. In addition, you may wish to review our Terms of Service is you have any questions concerning our billing procedures. 



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Re: How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?


I was billed for a 'renewal' for a product I did not own.

Technically impossible. No warning. No notice. Nothing. No terms and conditions. Imagine test driving a car only to be billed for an automated MOT when you don't own the car as you leave the dealership. This is what you have done.

A renewal for a website I don't own, that I'm told I cannot cancel. Extraordinary.

Interesting way to conduct your business. Take money using a financial term (your term not mine!) then refusing to return it.

That's fraud at best and theft at worst.

Thanks for your response. I shall look forward to the next step in this process a great deal.
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Community Manager

Re: How do I lodge a formal complaint with GoDaddy?

Hi @HedgePig - If you're saying the charge(s) in question was for a product or service in someone else's account, then that's definitely something our billing team should be able to reverse for you. If you were told otherwise, then that's definitely not correct. However, for an issue like that, you would need to call specifically because our billing team is not available via our chat interface. You can call support at any of the numbers listed here


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