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How do I reply to a support ticket

So my website went down around 3:00 am (Eastern time), I got an e-mail, but I didn't notice until I checked the site until 6:00 am. I was on hold for about an hour then the tech said he'd check the hosting department to see if it was a firewall issue. The site was back up about 53 minutes later. He sent an e-mail saying there was an issue with the hosting server connecting through the firewall. Anyway, another tech sent me an e-mail saying I should contact tech support about 4 possible issues that could be causing the issue. He also said I should talk to someone else in tech support about these issues He sent his e-mail from a "no-reply" e-mail so I can't reply directly to him. There's a big "Reply" button in the middle of the e-mail that goes to:[id number] Yet when I click this link, I'm taken to my main GoDaddy products page. 1) If GoDaddy doesn't have an e-mail or ticket support system, why was I given a ticket number? 2) If there's no ticket system, is calling tech support really the only way to send updated information? AND: 3) If there's no ticket system, why in the world is there a big Reply button in the middle of the e-mail?? Why not remove that from the e-mails they send to their customers?
Community Manager

Hi @jhoag04. Thanks for posting. I can see how this experience would be frustrating for you. Based on the link and what happened when you clicked it, I'd guess you are using our Website Security service. If the reply button didn't work, it may be that the link was somehow broken. 


We do not have general support via email. We do have some specific teams that communicate this way, but that is usually only accessed when a support ticket of somehow is created. To access your Website Security tickets (if you can't use the link), you can log into your GoDaddy account and go to the Products page. From there, find the Website Security section and click Manage next to the security plan for your website. Note that it does take a few seconds before the next page will begin loading. Once you get to the Security, click "Cleanup". There you can see the tickets you've had with that team. There are a few tabs that may appear there depending on what service you're using. 


If you need to speak with support and don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. They are available Monday - Friday, 5 am to 6 pm (UTC/GMT -7) on the United States - English version of our website. Just click the "Contact Us 24/7" link and you should see the option to chat if your visiting within that timeframe.


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