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How to make Complaints?

How can I make a complaint?


How can I contact someone (even though there was a Go Daddy person, he now ignores my requests).


I can't get help, unless I call - I have explained to the person I can't call during normal hours and have made request via email, which he has ignored.


I now want to move companies, but still can't get any help


They should stipulate ONLY phone help - actually having someone email me to start made me presume I'd get assistance when i need~

I asked him to take off the email - which I'd changed on my site but because they left it to the one they made for me, I can't send any marketing emails (he told (emailed) me I'd have to call to fix this????)


I needed help, but now want to just complain and cut my losses...

I am looking at changing from Go Daddy to a company that DOES give 24/7 help - in a number of ways - not restricted to phone calls!


I'm so annoyed, and the more I'm ignored, it's just getting worse!


Are there any issues moving my site (which I started with the Go Daddy program) to another company - compatibility issues (shouldn't be, otherwise that's another 'hidden' catch).


Any help to get help via email would be great

As I explained, numerous times to Rob in Sydney, I can't get to a phone during the day (and the last thing I want to do when I get home is organise things I can do from my email!)...


Bit annoyed he's now ignoring my messages completely!


Email contact for Go Daddy?



Re: How to make Complaints?

I feel your pain.

How do we know tour complaints are reaching anyone other than the person we speak to.  I want to spell it out in an email.

I received an unsolicited marketing call from a local Sydney Australia number and was quoted a price in Dollars which I agreed to.  This was the first time GoDaddy ever called us since setting up the account.  At no time was I told the person calling was not in Australia.  At no time did they mention the price was in anything other than Australian Dollars.  Now I see the bank statement shows a figure 49% higher than quoted.  I am told the account default is US$ so I should have known.  I believe it is deceptive conduct bordering on fraudulent.

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Community Manager

Re: How to make Complaints?

Hi @Michael19 and @Catheryn_E. Thanks for posting. 


@Catheryn_E It's true that we don't offer support via email in most situations. However, if you need to speak with support and don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. They are available Monday - Friday (UTC/GMT -7) on the United States - English version of our website. Just click the "Contact Us 24/7" link and you should see the option to chat if your visiting within that timeframe.


If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, I'd encourage you to post that subject as it's own thread. Someone may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward.


Also, in regard to moving your website, if you built the site using one of our site builders, there isn't a way to transfer the website content to another provider. You would need to rebuild the site using another method if you choose to move on. Sorry Man Sad


@Michael19 I'm sorry your charge was more than expected. The best way to have this situation reviewed is to speak with a supervisor. They should be able to have your call reviewed and verify you were quoted the wrong price.


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Re: How to make Complaints?/?isc=gdcommment

My main issue was that, prior to paying I had plenty of assistance via
email. Then it stopped and I was told they don't help.
I requested that he remove an email address and put on the one I'd asked
for - and he ignored me (although he wrote back I could call for help!)

I changed the communication details via my access, but GO DADDY have to
change it there end - when I'm home I don't have access to site, when I'm
work, no access to phone!

I did explain this to go daddy BEFORE paying - I rang last night and was
told there also no complaints department either. I guess once they get the
money, they aren't interested.

Issue was, prior to paying email was okay! I purchased Go Daddy BECAUSE of
that assistance!

I've also found out, I can't move the site as it's only Go Daddy program -
so, I'm going to have to try and make my own site the long way - it'll take
longer and cost more...
I'm disgusted by Go Daddy (but that's okay I guess, for them, as I've paid

Re: How to make Complaints?

I also believe their actions are bordering fraudulent.
Now, I can't even move the site, as their system is the only one that will
allow me to edit MY OWN SITE!

I checked also, they actually don't have a complaints department!
Says a lot about a company - get your money then leave you stranded! Or, as
I was told,
"sorry, can't help you, we don't have a complaints department - sorry ,
can't help you there, I understand...however, "
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to make Complaints?

@Catheryn_E It's true that we don't have a department called "complaints" but we do have processes in place to handle customer feedback. The best thing to do is get in touch with a supervisor. They can make sure any customer service issues are reviewed and addressed appropriately. 


As for not getting support via email when you previously had received it, I'm sorry if this wasn't properly explained. Agents can communicate via email for some issues but generally can't give support via that medium. 


In regard to sites built with our site builders, you would typically need access to the file structure (usually via FTP) to download files associated for a website to move it. However, with a site builder, this isn't available (this is true for most site builder providers). Also, even if you were able to get to the files, if you use any of the stock images that come with the product, those would not be licensed for use with another provider. 


I hope the above helps. 


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