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I can't add a new payment method

My old payment method is expired and try to add new payment method, and I always get the same error, even I fill all fields but still get this error:

Oops. You missed some required information. Please complete the noted fields and try again.

Could you pls check your service is still working?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: I can't add a new payment method

Hi @starlightslo. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! There aren't currently any issues with our payment platform. Often issues like this are caused either by browser caching or a conflict with a browser plugin/extension. I'd suggest first clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that doesn't help, then try using a cacheless browsing window (FireFox private window, Chrome incognito, etc.), then an entirely different browser. If that also doesn't work, you'll want to try to connect with support. 


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Re: I can't add a new payment method

Hi @JesseW , thank you for your help, I can add a new card on incognito mode.