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I can't login to my godaddy account


I have received this email from (donotreply at like 3 times and i am trying to reply but it dose not working. My account is on a big risk, i dont know what to do. I have called godaddy many times but nothing happen. Now i dont have much what to do any suggestion? 

GoDaddy <>
Date: Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 1:48 AM
Subject: Update [Incident ID: **********] - Request for Information
To: <n*******>




Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear ******, this is a reminder to please provide a copy of your Passport as we previously requested so we can confirm applicable regulatory compliance. If you do not have a Passport, please provide a copy of your National ID. If you do not provide the requested documentation by the deadline, we will have no choice but to terminate any and all accounts you have with GoDaddy and/or its affiliates. 

A scanned image (under 1 MB in size) can be attached as a response to this message. Upon receipt of the requested documentation, we will re-evaluate the status of your account. During this period, your account will remain locked. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation.


Verification Office

Re: I can't login to my godaddy account

Hi @alirazahashmi,


Welcome to the Community.

Unfortunately, the users in this community forum will have no access to your account to determine what the Verification department is seeking from you. If the issue is over a payment and the need to verify ownership, please send a new email to to request clarification. If you have a CCTLD (Country-Code domain) that requires verification, or a trustee, please contact our support team so they can escalate your issue to the CCTLD department. 



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