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I can't use my hosting with WP - can not access my wp admin panel.

i do not want to rude but i am done with you , my website is not working due to an issue in your server and yesterday all the day i was talking to agents like you and every one is abusing me, one tried to solve the problem for 4H and nothing happened and another one told me to reset my account and no thing happened and another one told me that the server team will work on it and in 3H the issue will be solved but nothing happened , so if the issue not solved now i will ask for a refund or i will sue you , i can not use my hosting every thing is damaged , i can not setup the wp and if do i can not access my wp admin panel and if i does i can not setup any post or page or theme or even a plugin whither by uploading it or by choosing it form the plugin list

and i have called an agent 15 minutes ago he read my messages and close the chat