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I got a letter from a debt collector...

I had a domain up for renewal on December 2nd, 2017. I paid for the renewal using the same payment option I always do, which is my active bank account. I have the receipt FROM go daddy and confirmation of payment, yet today I got a letter from a debt collection agency for said amount, saying GoDaddy handed the collection over to this agency (Certegy Check Services) and the letter says I need to deal with it directly through them now. The domain is still active and functioning. Last time I checked, having a collection agency breathing down your neck disrupts your credit, and I'm not happy about that. What's the deal? If there was an error, why would GoDaddy not contact me directly to resolve it before sending it to collections? And if there really was an error in payment, would they not have killed my domain by now? There's too much accurate information here for it to be a blind scam letter. The customer service chat is down right now, or else I would have just gone through that. Sorry if this is not a community matter, but this needs to be resolved and I don't feel it's my duty to jump through hoops to resolve it. I'm not mad about the payment being messed up, if that is the case (even though I have an undisputed receipt from godaddy) I'm mad that I was handed over to a collection agency without any prior communication.


I have the same issue, but from Trident Asset Management for $80 and $35 showing on my credit report as collections. I own many websites and services through Godaddy and just recently renewed a couple of my domains as recent as January 2019. I don't understand why there are collections on my credit report, especially since I never received anything correspondence from Godaddy. My credit is being screwed all while I am paying for current service. Perhaps I need to transfer all of my crap away from here before you report me for something else.

Hi @PoochiesTees. Thanks for sharing your concern. I haven't heard of this particular company before. However, a scenario like this can happen (as with the case above) when using a 3rd party payment provider. For example, Certegy is a company we use to fulfill online check orders. What sometimes happens with them is they pay GoDaddy the money from the order but are unable to get the funds from the customer's bank in return. That's usually what leads to a collections issue with them. I have no idea what's happening in your case though as I don't have access to your account. Our billing team can review the issue and make sure there are no problems with your customer account. In searching online for Trident Asset Management, I've come across information that indicates you might be able to clear this up with a call to their support as well. That may be the better option since they're the ones indicating there is a collection issue. I hope that helps.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Jesse, thanks for the reply. I have challenged both collections using Lexington Law. They get removed for a while, and then suddenly reappear on my credit report some months later.

Naturally, I stopped using that service because it makes no sense to pay them to challenge these items only for them to show back up on my credit report later.

I haven't personally tried to reach out to the company, but I will take your suggestion and give it a go.

They are small amounts that I have considered paying off; however, I do not like paying for something I have no clue what it is.