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I need support help through email

why is it difficult to get an email address for godaddy support help? chat is closed always , and my phone is dead, aaahhhh!

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Kevoogle, we no longer offer general email support as a contact option.  Chat support is available Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM (Arizona, USA time zone).  If you try to access chat and there are no available spaces in the queue, you will need to wait for a spot to open up, at which time the button will become available and you can start a chat session.  Thanks. 



E-mail support is still very much needed! We are paid customers.

exactly! no email and now no LIVE CHAT is abusive. 

Wish I'd found this before I started transferring my 1400 domains back to GoDaddy. I'm hard of hearing, so I don't do phones, and I don't do chat (and apparently neither do you on weekends)  I have a serious support issue and there's no email support any longer?  Huge fail. Huge. Won't be bringing the rest of my domains over after all.

Really upset that there is NO email support. Long time customer.

My own country is midnight (I would be sleeping then) when it is morning in the USA, so without the email support, we would be without any support. I hope godaddy consider email support soon

Hey @mactony,


We'll continue to pass the feedback along to the folks who'll need to see this. In the meantime, our chat teams are currently available now as I'm writing. If you need direct help now, you should be able to start a session using the buttons located on the top or bottom of this page. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

This is crazy and frustrating...

There is no email support

Chat is never online when I am online

24/7 phone support in my country of residence - China - apparently is only available in Mandarin - I tried to listen to all the options and I did not get English as one...

so bloody stuck.

really sucks,according to your chat support times ,i should contact you,but the chat is off,and i see that there is no email support ,what is this,i need to call you from here jordan ,middle east area to us toget a support to my problem what is this ,really this **bleep** service

Former Employee

Hmmm, @SuVarma, possibly not so far away is our English support staff in Hong Kong: 

Hong Kong
English +852 3050 7470
24/7 Support
Other global contact numbers are on the link under my name.
Also, for @questtt666 and those planning on chatting, please note that the Arizona Times quoted are unique to Arizona...we don't participate in Daylight Savings Time or other time adjustments, so please check the hours on a site like: or something similar.
I hope this helps.
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Getting Started

I am also suffering here with the same problem!

I live in Dubai, and chat is always not available when I need it. Meanwhile, due to me being in office with open space, I prefer not to discuss my personal business on the phone while colleagues are nearby, and I prefer email so that I can take my time writing down my issue without the pressure of having someone at the other end listening to me and rushing me since English is not my native language.


This is really frustrating as I can see from other replies from users, and I wonder why GoDaddy ignoring such requests from its customers.


My issue is so simple as its related to my email, yet I dont want to post my email here and am unable to send email and discuss it directly with support!