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Instructions to file FCC Net Neutrality COMMENT


DATE: 7-12-2017 ::  

 Dear Mr. Irving (current GOdaddy CEO), YES! I support Net Neutrality! - as you (and Ms. Doyon) so elegantly describe it.
However, please give me more specific instructions - for filing a comment with the FCC.
The LINK you provided - in your last paragraph [ last night 7-11-2017] - YES, did take me to the FCC web site - but, I need more specific instructions:  < HOW 2 comment < HOW 2 EXPRESS comment 

Proceeding(s) <
Required information ( this MUST be provided ) < This is the official link for Ms. Doyon's comment.

In fact, I am a perfect example - of what Ms. Doyon & YOU are describing; that is, I am merely a senior, retired person - with a URL - and my very own (HTML) web site. I credit your company > [GOdaddy!] - with making it possible - that I can comment "in the Public Square" at all. I peddle nothing - but ideas - and, I believe in Thomas Paine. Consider, all that he had (in 1776) was a pamphlet. Today, we (the people) have the internet.

I am (The) Susan Marie [Cassady]-Neuhart. Find me at: 


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Hi @GoldbachLADY,


interesting post though I am unaware about the background to all of it was.

Though I can say with utmost certainty, nobody can really control the internet anymore. It's too big and there are many, many ways to connect, from running intranets, to servers from home, hacking wifi solutions (read 'Wireless Hacks' by Rob Flickenger & Roger Weeks by O'REILLY), and a multitude of other ways to build, host and access the internet. Anyone who thinks they can control the internet  is a fool, and if one is going to be a fool, better to be a small unknown fool than a large company. For 'the people' will vote with their feet...............

You would probably really enjoy Richard Stallman's site and philosophy. I do Cat Happy