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Issues Contacting GoDaddy Support

All that link supplies is phone numbers---no email addresses.


I completely agree with the original post. It is outrageous not to be able to communicate by email but to be forced into a bunch of company-friendly cattle chutes that are about as appealing to customers as cattle chutes are to cattle.


I just got an email from GoDaddy that told me they were canceling some sort of free email credits---I have no idea what these are or what it all means---and I cannot reply to the email ("donotreply"). It is the height of disdainful chuzpah to send an email and then expect someone to hang on the phone forever just to speak with someone, and force that customer to listen to a stinking commercial for Microsoft 360 for his/her trouble.


There are other services around, one virtue of which is they are less user-unfriendly, and another virtue of which is that they don't have such a moronic name that hearkens back to bell-bottom pants and "far-OUT!" blathering from the '70s. I have hoped, with trepidation, that the company was run better than its name would suggest, but evidently that is not so.


Re: Issues Contacting GoDaddy Support

Hi there @Bludstoole.


We moved your comment to a new post since the one you commented on was pretty old. We do not offer email at this time as we have transitioned to live support. This way we can offer our customers real time solutions to their issues. 


If you need to speak with support and don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. We're constantly increasing when and where the chat team is available, but it's easiest to get to on the United States - English version of our website.  You can do so by visiting this page. If you have trouble seeing the chat button load, please try using a chrome incognito or FireFox private browsing window.


As for the email you received, this was sent out to all of our customers. Since we no longer free workspace email, all unused email credits will be removed from your account. If you already are using the email credits and have addresses set up, then this change will not affect those emails within your account.


Hope this clarifies things for you.


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