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It takes too long to get to support

I encourage prospective customers to look elsewhere before purchasing GoDaddy.  Two years ago, I was exactly the opposite.  I purchased and promoted GoDaddy for their customer service and how helpful they were.  Now, Unable to figure out what happened, frustrated from searching a never ending database for technically savvy people (of which I am not), I'm on hold for 10 minutes and counting, long enough to figure out how to post a note on the community, write this, and I'm still waiting ... and so is my business.  Time I paid GoDaddy because I can't afford to lose it. 


To GoDaddy Administration, long term business success is dependent on customer loyalty.  You are following Microsoft down a path of termination.  As my business grows and I pay someone to take over technical aspects, I will be asking them to look elsewhere before renewing GoDaddy.


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Re: It takes too long to get to support



I agree that GoDaddy should probably consider offering other avenues of support. That being said, they are a company with a HUGE customer base, so figuring out how to do that in a cost-effective way can be problematic, especially with support personnel that know what they're doing. 


I do know they always seem to do better and offer things like this, the Community board, to let people help each other out where they can. GoDaddy is still growing. Keep making your voice heard and I'm sure they'll listen.

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