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Loyal Customer Receives Bad Advice From GoDaddy

Dear GoDaddy


I have been a loyal customer with GoDaddy for over 10 years and despite cheaper options, stuck to a single source provider. I have always believed in the principle of if it works why try to change it, and for that sole reason have stayed with GoDaddy. 


In October 2020, I was launching a new site and spoke to GoDaddy on how to proceed, as I wanted to remove my current domain and its hosting package.  I was advised by GoDaddy that I could not host another site on my Deluxe shared hosting plan and that I would need to purchase a new hosting plan, and once my domain ( expired, to call back and ask for a credit for the remaining Plesk hosting and have it assigned to another service. 


On the 11th of March 2020 I called GoDaddy and spoke to a very helpful support agent named Christina. I explained the above situation and I asked for the Deluxe hosting to be cancelled as my domain had ended and a credit be assigned to another service.  After reading my account and sounding confused, she asked why I purchased the second hosting package and I explained I was told by GoDaddy as the only option to host my new site.

In the course of a 57-minute conversation she repeatedly apologized and explained that this should not have been the case and that the Deluxe shared hosting plan should have been suffice to hosting multiple websites.


I requested a resolution and asked to speak to a supervisor, but none were on duty due to the Covid situation. I further requested a 3-day time to set up an appointment, only to be told that no supervisor would be available till April.


To put it mildly, I feel cheated, forced, unprofessionally and ill-advised by GoDaddy into purchasing a new hosting plan when it was not initially required.  It is bad enough that we are in difficult times due to the pandemic, it does not give anyone the right especially organizations like GoDaddy to dupe and mislead customers in any shape or form.


I request a full refund and for GoDaddy to investigate this matter as an urgent correction in its business procedures and best practices.  I further urge you to retrain your sales agents to instill customer values as a core focus and not just to be repeated as a message during call waiting times.


In the matter where no supervisor was available to handle my issue, this only echoes my sentiment that GoDaddy should review its entire business and operating model.

Update:  I have since then contacted customer support on several occasions (Alex, Chris, Peter P, Archana B, Mohd W and others) and not a single individual could provide me a contact number, email address, procedure or steps or any way of raising a complaint regarding the above matter.  It absolutely baffles me that GoDaddy has these procedures in place where customers are blatantly ignored.


Look forward to hearing back with a proposed resolution.



Ather Malik

Community Manager

This topic is closed to further discussion while under review by the GoDaddy Community team. 


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