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Need to talk to customer support but have no access to a phone

I have a huge problem from 12 days now after i upurchased several new websites on godaddy and I'm still trying to activate them because everytime there is a different problem in my documents and not even the customer service managed to help me, they say they do and then they apply my document and when they are denied they just disappear. Said so from today i cannot access the customer sevice anymore

I receive this message:

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.7655434d.1544712500.5fa33ef

and I tried from both chrome and safari, i closed the cache nothing worked, I have really an urgent need to fix those problems and i cannot contact anyone, I already called last week and spent more than 100$ to speak with america as I call from china and they told me they will take care of the problem and they didn't can someone please at least tell me how to contact the live chat right now? as it's not working!

Super User II

It looks like GoDaddy is having problems right now with the Help documents and chat being down.  If you are also having technical problems in your account contacting support would be the best route, but if you need advice you can post questions on these forums.

thank you for the reply, unfortunately there is no one that can help me in the forum as i really need someone from the techincal team to reply to me, but at least now I know i'm not the only one who cannot contact them

That is unfortunate.  I hope this gets fixed in a timely fashion so you're able to get back into action.

Community Manager

HI @aschilliro. Sorry you had difficulty connecting. The issue with our help site from earlier should be resolved now. You can try connecting with our chat team if you're not able to call. Hope you're able to get things sorted out. 


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