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Negative experience with chat support

Today I contacted two agents in live chat, and I had a horrible experience with both of them. I want to apologize for my bad English before I start. I was having an issue regarding the refunding process because it's been 10 days without receiving the money back. So I decided to contact an agent that would help me to resolve this issue. The first agent name was "<name removed>", this guy suggests to contact GoDaddy support through this number (800-505-0685), and he also pointed out that it's toll-free. So I did a 2 mins call and checked my balance, surprisingly I lost 1$. Maybe Its nothing for you, but its a thing for me. Anyways I recontacted GoDaddy agents. The name of the guy was "<name removed>", this guy told me that it was not a toll-free number, so I decided to report <name removed>. I requested to have at least an email or toll-free number so I can report him by myself. <name removed> mentioned my IP address! And told me to contact his manager (<name removed>). I couldn't believe that this is a real email. I'm here to ask for the speech validity because I no longer trust anyone. I took some screenshots of the chat between <name removed> and me and a txt file. Thank you


Hi @Joseph7955,


We're sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with our customer support team. Screenshots of agent interactions are not appropriate here and have been removed for the security of both your account and the internal communication. GoDaddy wants all customers to have a positive experience and an opportunity to get their product issues resolved. We'll have your feedback passed on in order to elevate our customer care. We're always looking for ways to improve and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.


If there is a specific technical issue that the Community users can try to help out with, we'd encourage you to post that subject in its own thread. Another Community member may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward. If the issue is related to billing, the members here will not have access to your account to assist. 


We have phone support available at the numbers here: They are not toll-free. If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (



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