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Payee Region/Country Wrong - Cannot Change

Godaddy has decided I live in the Seychelles. 


Maybe it would be nice, but it's not factual. I would like to start an auction, but I cannot do that until I have a payee. When I attempt to setup the payee, the Country/Region area is greyed out but automatically fills Seychelles. I noticed several phone numbers were SC area codes, but my address is the correct (American) one.


How the heck do I get this updated?




Hi @DMaN, thanks for posting.

Were you using a VPN or currently out of the US? The location defaults to what is detected from where you are accessing the site.

If you continue to have trouble editing it, I suggest calling Support so they can assist you with setting up the Payee account.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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