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Price changed after Chat advisor gave a quote

If you ever need a quote whatever you do never trust anyone to give you an accurate quote unless it’s in writing. I asked for a quote using the chat feature to renew 69 emails for the year. The advisor confirmed that was the amount of emails I had. I had received a quote. I double checked with advisor the quote was for all of my emails. He confirmed. I have a copy of the chat if anyone want to see it. Two days Iater I check and they didn’t renew all my emails and now want me to pay more money to renew all my emails saying the chat advisor didn’t quote me correctly. This is ridiculous that you can quote me a price take over $5000 from me and say sorry we need more money if you want to renew all my emails even though you quoted me a price for all our emails. Never get a quote unless it’s in writing

Community Manager

Hi @Landscapes. Thanks for taking the time to express your concern. That's a pretty large number so I can understand how that would be upsetting for you. I'm guessing the original price quoted was much lower. It's likely that the agent you spoke with misunderstood the issue, unfortunately. Generally speaking, our agents are trained to not offer quotes or to explain that the price might change after the conversation is over. I'm sorry there was any confusion in your case. Your best option would be to speak with a supervisor to see if the initial price can be honored. That can sometimes happen depending on the situation. They would also be able to make sure any necessary coaching is given to agents that were involved. 


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