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Remember Me doesn't work



Every time I log into GoDaddy, I check the "Remember Me" box yet when I return on another day I have to log in again. This happened even after a fresh install of Windows and using Chrome with no extensions. I don't have this issue with any other site. Could somebody help me resolve this please?

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Super User III

Re: Remember Me doesn't work



To my knowledge, the cookie for the remember me is only retained for a short period for security reasons. GoDaddy wants you to log in to your account fresh so as to prevent compromises.

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Re: Remember Me doesn't work

I’m not sure about that. That completely negates the “keep me signed in” checkbox. What’s the point of having it there if it doesn’t keep you signed in?

Re: Remember Me doesn't work

This is still an issue. I have 2FA turned on my account so every time I log in I have to put in my password and generate a code. If I go off GoDaddy for a couple of hours and come back, I have to do it again despite clicking "Remember Me". There doesn't seem to be an option to "not ask this device again" when it comes to 2FA and "Remember Me" doesn't seem to remember much at all making it useless.