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Renewal prices higher than expected. None of the coupons work for any renewals.

I am a one year customer of Godaddy and have been happy up until renewal when the price for my website jumped from 119 to a bit under 200 for the year.  I'm so frustrated as I'd reached out via chat and was offered nothing but "thats how it is" behavior and if you decide to move to another company you will have to rebuild your website again.  I thought Godaddy was supposed to be the best? None of the coupons work for any renewals.  I'm at a loss 😞

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We are end users like you so not much that we can help with in regards to pricing.


What I can tell you is the GoDaddy cart does say what the renewal price for the product is. As you mentioned GoDaddy doesn't have many coupons for renewals - but this is fairly standard.



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Prices will go up as cost for acquisition and maintenance of servers and support rise. Please be sure you have signed up to receive our emailed promotions within your account under your Profile and Contact Preferences. And sometimes calling a customer support agent can pay off as there are occasional specials on renewals that can be shared. 



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