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Subscription changes by itself

OK I had webhosting with GoDaddy and no problem - renewed 3 times through my Paypal for about $36 each time - no problem.

Then all of a sudden it jumps to over $270 and no email contact for this company and I dont have time to sit on a phone for hours on end waiting to speak to somebody.

I have since cancelled the subscriptions through Paypal so they dont rip me off any more.

If somebody in accounts can explain why my subscription changes without any action on my part - they added a heap of add ons like Office etc on that I dont need - and can supply me with a refund for the additional money they have taken , I am quite happy to renew a $36 subscription but I am not holding my breath.


Why , for heaven's sake , you dont have an easily able to be contacted customer service department is beyond me. At the very least email - I dont mind waiting a couple of business days for a reply.



Re: Subscription changes by itself

Yes I agree last 10 days back my renewal was 74rs since I had time I said I will do it later, but today 27-8-2019 cost jumped to 996rs
When I questioned they replied it was for hosting not domain, cheating and fraud reporting it to cybercrime team and consumer forum
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Subscription changes by itself

Hi @HadEnoughNow and @ramg444. Sorry you're experiencing frustration. 


@HadEnoughNow It sounds like maybe you had products that were free with an initial purchase. Most often, this is Office 365 email, which is usually provided for free for one year. You can remove any free product from your shopping cart during the initial purchase or disable automatic renewal for products at any time after that. Sorry, it caught you off guard. The best thing to do would be to get in touch with our care team so they can see about getting you a refund. 


As you know, we do not have support via email currently. If you need to speak with support and don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. We're constantly increasing when and where the chat team is available, but it's easiest to get to on the United States - English version of our website.  You can do so by visiting this page. If you have trouble seeing the chat button load, please try using a chrome incognito or FireFox private browsing window. 


@ramg444 it sounds like you may have gotten free hosting at one time. Every website needs a domain name registration and website hosting. It is normal for these to be charged separately since they are in fact separate services. This is an industry-standard and nearly all registrars/hosts operate this way. I'm sorry if that caught you off guard. 


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