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Unhappy with site performance after upgrade

I started by trying to upgrade my company site for better performance. The goal was to get switched from me current godaddy server to a better one. GoDaddy and their idiot techs managed to:

  • Shut down our email for 16 Hours. We lost all those emails.
  • Shut down our site twice for 6 hours and counting.
  • No person you speak to at Godaddy acts like they care.
  • Waste 12 hours of my time.

When it was all sad and done, the new server had negligible impact on the performance.

As a business owner, I have many better things to do. Using Godaddy is a bad business decision. I am now starting my search on how to get away from godaddy. If you are considering using GoDaddy - STOP. Use anyone else.


I've been with Godaddy since 02/24/2008 and migrate most all of my clients to them because they have the best tech support out of the other big hosts and out of hundreds of clients over the years I've only had one problem with one of my client's emails, ONE time, ONE day. 


All of my clients are on Economy hosting accounts unless they need a little more and then I bump them to Deluxe.  Not one has had to upgrade or move to improve performance.


I'm also hosting about ten of my clients under my Deluxe hosting account without problems.


Maybe your performance issues are with your not optimizing or not using caching with your website.  Buying more than you need is not going to solve performance problems and Godaddy is going to do what you tell them to do, so maybe you weren't clear on what you wanted.


Godaddy Rocks - for ten years now and their tech support is of the highest quality compared to other hosts I've talked with on some of my clients and one who actually did destroy a website (by not speaking English I guess, because I knew exactly what I told him)





I am VERY new to all of this and have been scared to death at how hard and complicated it would be to build a website/blog. So far I have built a beginners website and started blogging using the basic business features and have not had to call anyone yet. That to me is golden. Recommending to use anyone else when you haven't used everyone else is unfair. I believe you were speaking mostly from frustration and anger , all of us on our best day are capable of making costly or frustrating errors. Name calling is very unprofessional and as adults I believe we can critique without resorting to grade school tactics such as calling someone who tried to help us idiots. A little tact goes a long way and gets the result you are looking for.