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Voicing my frustrations with godaddy's service.

Hi All - I'm not looking for anything, but I want to voice my frustrations with godaddy.  They charge a premium as compared to other similar providers and I have been willing to pay it for 24/7 support.  But support has gone to... well, lets just say, it's bad.  Many times, I am given incorrect information, then purchase a product, only to find out it was incorrect.  It has really gotten bad.  If I didn't have so many things on go daddy, I'd just move it all together.

1. No, the pay per month backup does not backup all your websites if you have a deluxe package and does not backup your databases.  Someone please tell support!


2. No, if there is a lock on a domain that prevents a newly created domain from moving, go daddy cannot move it until the lock has expired.  Someone please tell support!


3. Yes, the professional email plan can do message filtering. Don't count on support to help you with it because they don't know and will try to have you download software you don't want to use that will filter after the fact.  Someone please train support!


4.  If you think calling support is better, think again!  After wanting to consolidate several website hostings into one hosting service via the deluxe plan, good luck on figuring out how to do that as you'll be on your own unless you want to pay them to migrate it.  But the worst part is, the phone support will charge you double for the plan as compared to what is offered on their own website.  Someone, please train your customer service people and stop scamming long term customers!


5. If you buy a deluxe plan, no you cannot simply upgrade your standalone plan to it.  You have to move everything over.  Regardless of what support tells you, they don't know.  Someone please advise support!


6. Someone please advise me as to why GoDaddy is higher priced than others and why I should not move to another site?  It used to be this was the place, now it's a... well.. you fill in the words.  


Very disappointed with the service.  I'm stuck until my time runs out.  Just wished it was better and the support help were more knowledgeable who could answer questions accurately and not guess.  Oh, but the way.. While in support if there is a 3-minute delay between responses - get used to it.  That's the new godaddy.



Community Manager

Hi @Stech1966. Thanks for sharing your feedback. It definitely sounds like we've missed the mark for you on several occasions. If so, I apologize. I will have your feedback forwarded to the right people so appropriate actions can be taken with our Guides. 


I know you said you weren't looking for anything, but it sounds like you may have some unresolved issues. If there is a specific technical issue that the community can try to help out with, I'd encourage you to post that subject as it's own thread. Someone may be able to provide suggestions on how you can move forward.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.