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Where is your email or chat support? :/ I can't make a phone call nowyou

Hello Godaddy, it has been extremely difficult to get a hold of support, because I have to make a phone call instead of easily describing the issue via chat because my domain has been down for 2 days? I checked with my hosting and it's not a hosting issue since the other sites I manage on the same server is all working. I am not even sure when my site started to get down. So if you could please give me a support email or access to live chat because it's already morning here, I would really appreciate it. Smiley Sad

Domain issue is: 

  • http name resolution failure
  • Site is down, already checked with hosting and checked other sites hosted under mine, it seems that my site is the only one down out of the whole bunch I'm hosting. 
  • Checked if my site is down on other areas, yes, it is down. 

Pls don't give me links to help pages, I need tech support for help and hopefully, live chat or email support will do. Thank you.


Hello Godaddy support? Are you there??? 😞
Community Manager

Hi @cinammonskies,

Sorry that you've been having trouble getting ahold of our customer support team. As a suggestion, you can access GoDaddy chat by clicking on the "Product Support" link at the bottom of our United States homepage. You may have to manually change the region you're located in, to the United States if you're not located in the US. The chat button may not appear if the chat queue is super busy. You can leave your browser open to the chat page and the chat button will reappear when the queue becomes available. Chat hours are available Monday through Friday from 5AM to 6PM (Arizona, USA time zone: GMT-7:00).



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