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Why am I not receiving reward points?

I've made probably 5 or 6 purchases for clients through our Godaddy Pro Dashboard, however only one small sale for 355 points has ever received credit. During those 5 or 6 client purchases we've easily exceeded at least 1500 to 2000 points, but never got credit for any of it.  And worse yet, no matter how many times I submit a ticket regarding this matter, there's never a response from anyone (other than the initial auto-responder). It's strange and frustrating...can anyone offer some insight???



"Perplexed in Pensacola"

Helper III

I recommend calling up customer support. They're the only ones who can look into your account and give you the points you deserve.


Also, good job on getting that many clients. Later on you could consider buying your own re-seller hosting plan, and putting your clients on that.