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Worried about security of my cached card details

Somebody (in Turkey?) used my Godaddy account to purchase a 120Gb Virtual Server - my cached debit card was used to make payment - this is not good security..
I have phoned godaddy and been told I will be refunded - and advised to turn on 2 step authentication..
I have also contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card as an extra security measure.


I am really concerned about this though - how did godaddy allow this fraud happen?


Will godaddy investigate this fraud and take steps to block the fraudsters (there must be a log of IP addresses used by the fraudsters and email addresses used)?

Community Manager

Hi @carvjo. Sorry to hear you're dealing with this. Account security is something that we take very seriously. Since this is a community forum, no one here would have access to your account to be able to fully investigate what happened. Most often this happens when the email address you have on file for the account is compromised in some way. That allows the perpetrator to reset the password for the account and gain access. However, it's also possible they gained your account credentials in some other way. I'd recommend having your computers and devices scanned for any malicious software and then resetting all of your passwords. Adding two-step verification is also advised. 


GoDaddy does have a payment verification department that monitors and looks for trends of situations like this. We also enforce limits that are put in place by payment method providers. If you haven't already done so, I'd suggest contacting your payment method provider and asking them if they can limit the locations your card can be used in. 


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