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renew domain price issue, please help

Hi Godaddy management:


I have been with Godaddy for some years, and I used to have 5 or 6 domain registered with you, and I had an issue of domain price charge yesterday, and seemly no one willing to give any help, and I m extremely disappointed your service and NO help.

I googled and found there was 15% domain renew coupon and I had one domain need to be renew by Jan 2019, since I found this 15% off coupon and I was trying to renewal 3 of my domains which are valid till mid of 2019, but I tried in the payment option and accidently my AE card got a charged for renewal 3 domains and the issue 15% coupon didnot even work.  


The reason I was looking for a coupon and competitor namecheap has sent out a letter to offer me to use their service and their renewal price at $12. instead of Godaddy at $15 per year, since I was accidently charged renewal 3 domains, so I called and spoke with 3 different customer service, and 

Ian told me that I can not get any refund or any chance to re do this payment again, if I want to refund and he has to cancel all my 3 active domains.  


Dave told me that If I am not happy with Godaddy and I can go to namecheap but I have to wait for 60 days to transfer my domain, and both of guys who works at customer service was so bad.


I asked them since my coupon 15% off didnot work and its possible to match namecheap company to give $7 off of my current order which accidently charged.  


No one customer service willing to give a try to help...I asked to have a manager to speak with and they told me that no manger will care, and I asked one agent to pass the word and they send out a policy of renew, no one seemly care business of mine...extremely disappointed of your services.


If you dont care and I have over 3000 facebook business friends there, and I will like to share this horrible service provided by Godaddy,.


Hope you do care.





Li pan
Community Manager

HI @needhelp888. Thanks for taking the time to explain your issue. Please keep in mind that this is a community-based support forum and users here do not have access to your GoDaddy account. Any account related support issues would need to be handled exclusively by our customer care team


It sounds like you located a renewal discount code from a 3rd party website. Many times these do not work. If you'd like information on how GoDaddy provides renewal codes, please see this page


In regard to a refund for your renewals, it sounds like the agent gave you the correct information about our refund policy. Our terms of service do state that domain renewals can only be refunded if a domain is canceled. However, the 60-day lock does not usually apply to domain registrations after renewals. This generally only happens if the registrant information changes or if it's a new domain. You may want to look into transferring again if that's something you're still interested in doing. Hope that helps a little. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.