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[sarcasm:on] What a great company, Godaddy is....

Posts with massive (but justified and documented) critisism are getting deleted - so it looks like everybody is "happy" with whatever this bunch thinks they can get away with calling "service".

Former Employee

Greetings @MrQ ,


Well I haven't see much of that on my side of the screen, and I certainly haven't done any of it.

I do know posts are batched together and re-ordered sometimes for the sake of brevity and so other Community Members can get to posts with more "meat" and less "vent" - which I know that many appreciate."Tending the garden" if you will. Frankly (from a personal standpoint) I wouldn't mind seeing fewer non-specific critiques that don't add value and more interchange of ideas on product, presence, and other technology issues - but I haven't deleted anything except spam and advertising outside of the guidelines. Was there / is there a Community question you'd like to pose? Please do.


Best regards,


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