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    Can anyone just review my website?

    My website is http://technicaledition.com . Google AdSense rejected my application due to copyrighted content but i have written every post on my site by my own knowledge. I have edited the pics on my own. I have made the .pdf files present on my site on my own. But my site was rejected 4 times due to "copyrighted material". I really don't know which post is really looking "copied" . Morever there was 30+ posts on my website, I deleted around 20+ posts because i thought that google is rejecting my application due to these posts. Can anyone just tell me which post is looking that i have copied from somewhere (But i have written on my own). Is there anything problem with my theme?. I am using Newspaper 8.7 theme. Please help me...thanks in advance😊.
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    Hi @Nishant57, thanks for posting.

    Since Google is rejecting your site for, they would be the only ones to know what exactly is causing the issue. I suggest following up with them directly for more information on what's causing the issue on your site.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Seems strange but Google may have the answer