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    Does Go Daddy do things "properly" to max website performance?

    Hello. I don't mean to be critical or snarky but I'm concerned. No matter what I do, my website shows VERY poorly if at all on google after a long period of time. I'm constantly getting analysis from companies offering to "fix" things..one close by even in Charleston, SC. I'm told html codes are wrong and all SORTS of things not in MY control. Do we need to pay a company each month for all these "fixes"?

    Thank you! Susan

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    Re: Does Go Daddy do things "properly" to max website performance?



    Without seeing your site there is no way to know what the issues may be, what you've done or still need to do.  I get those templated emails too -- for sites that rank well from "companies" that are fishing for customers.  (If you are good at SEO -- why do you have to cold-call for customers?)


    Getting on the top page of Google is pretty much not going to happen for most sites in today's competitive and saturated environment.    Google's algorithm looks at hundreds of data points to determine how to rank a site. And no one knows exactly what those are at any given time.


    Yes, you can hire someone to look at your server, structure, speed, performance, code.  Those are all important.  I would do due diligence and use a company that is reviewed, trusted and highly recommended.  Way too many shysters is SEO willing to take advantage of what you don't know without any bench-marking of their efforts on your behalf and for your hard earned dollars.  Hiring a qualified and effective SEO costs $$ because of the amount of time, effort and ongoing work that needs to be done.


    If you want to learn about what SEO is all about so that you know enough to determine who has your best interests at heart, check out Bruce Clay's Search Engine Optimization Tutorial.   The entire site is chock full of accurate and realistic information. This will arm you with the info you need to know so that you can work on improving your site as well as jurying those who approach you to help out.


    I also have a bunch of DIY SEO articles on my Blog that you might find helpful too.


    HTH! 😉

    "I failed my way to success." ~Thomas Edison