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    Getting Foot Traffic and Sales

    We have recently switched over from the Quick Shopping Cart to the GoCentral Online Store. 

    The features and updated layouts are great, its soo nice to not https://adamsnaturalmeats.com/be using a generic format anymore. 

    However, we have been having some minor issues since it doesn't seem the GoCentral Online Store Builder is 100% Customizable. 


    Can anyone offer suggestions or help on our website? View it here --> https://adamsnaturalmeats.com/


    Shipping Issues: 

    We used FedEx with our Quick Shopping Cart, with the GoCentral Online Store that option was no longer available for us and we switched over to UPS. Now we cant seem to get our shipping rates to come up correctly and fear that in the checkout process that it is scaring people away. 


    Dry Ice Notice: 

    Some of our products are required to ship with dry ice but we aren't able to actually add a personalized/custom note in the checkout process on the Go Central Online store to remind customers that they will need to add dry ice to their order before they purchase/add a raw item to their shopping cart.

    Is there a way around this without having to

     - Edit each items details

     - Adding dry ice as an added item on each item (Multiple Items Can Ship together and only need to use the dry ice option once) 


    How do we increase our foot traffic/sales? Is there a way clever way to optimize our website... 

    **We are in the process of adding more product photos**


    Adams Natural Meats "Striving for Excellence, Growing with Pride"
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    Re: Getting Foot Traffic and Sales



    You have some nummy looking products there! Smiley Wink


    First to your questions...


    => What is happening with shipping that they aren't coming up correctly?  Hard to advise without knowing more.


    => The Dry Ice issue. Not sure how to handle that on GoCentral automatically. The ability to break it out as you note, while that makes sense, is not possible with GoCentral as the shipping features/formulas as very straightforward and basic. I would structure that as part of your pricing or shipping and note that on the items that require it.  I order quite a bit of perishables because I live out in the middle of nowhere.  I expect to be charged for the necessary packaging in order to get those items to me.  But, I don't think it is practical to expect customers to know or remember to add Dry Ice.  I know I wouldn't necessarily remember to do that...   You could note Product/Shipping Price includes $XX for "perishable shipping fees" or something like that. (Other platforms, like WordPress,  allow more complex shipping formulas where you could designate special rates by item type). 


    => To increase sales or foot traffic.  Do you have a physical location?  If so what is that like?  Depending on the venue you could do networking events, tastings, or theme nights.  Folks that go would get a special discount.  As far as online sales, well, online you have to get out there an work it.  Using social media, promos, newsletters, your blog (You could have a recipe section, cooking tips, etc.), coupons etc.  Right now you have a good start to build upon.


    A couple other things...


    => Create a FAQ page that has all the questions folks would ask about your products, shipping, (returns?), etc.  You know what you get asked most -- add it!  Plus then that resource on your site for potential customers to review 24/7.  This would give you the opportunity to note your shipping charges and note the $10 for dry ice is included in the shipping or the product's price.


    => The site seemed really pokey for me.  So I tried to run a performance test and that timed out.  Many times performance is due to overly large images. Double check that all your images are not any larger than they need to be to display properly on your site.  If they are larger, scale them down and reupload them to try and speed things up.


    => I noticed you have a gmail address noted on your contact page.  For branding purposes you should be using an @adamsnaturalmeats.com address.  Also, having clickable email links means that address is going to get farmed by bots and your spam will increase exponentially.  So the preferred way is to guide folks to your contact form.  With a contact form you also have the opportunity to gleam the information you need to respond to requests.


    HTH! Smiley Wink


    "Do one thing every day that scares you." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt