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    Help with my Electrical Contractor website--site needs improvement - trying to improve my internet

    Hi  All ;

    I'm an Electrical Contractor trying to improve my internet sales.

    My web site   I think needs some improvement , not sure.

    Am a real novice when it comes to everything internet .


    Thank You ,  John L.

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    You are off to a good start, John!  Congrats!  


    => The only thing that bugged me was the background interfering with the text on the homepage.  I would also change the red and green text to black.  Beyond headlines, I'm not a fan of colored text just for the sake of doing so.  Looks cheap.   If you do use colors, try to match them to the rest of the site for continuity.


    => The MORE button on the homepage goes nowhere when clicked.


    => On the contact page you are displaying a gmail address.  Why aren't you using and email address?  Look into do that -- important part of your branding efforts!


    => Currently the Licenses page has the title as Fire Alarm. ?


    => O Herren Gives link goes to a page with a slider showing electrical boxes.  Doesn't make sense.


    => Same with Service Upgrades and Sprinkler Pedestals -- the photos don't seem to match.  Maybe consider adding descriptions so explaining what folks are looking at.


    Just a little tweaking and you are off to a running start! HTH! 😉



    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin