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    How do I get sales to my website?

    I have been on Godaddy for about a year.  I have 6234 views yet not even one sale.  I have used e-mail marketing and all the other suggestions per go daddy.  I know I should have had at least one sale. I am also on Amazon and have been in the buy box and have sold many items.  Why am I not getting any sales?

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    Re: How do I get sales to my website?

    Hi @Islander,


    Thanks for posting. It sounds like you need to work on optimizing your site so people can find you. I'd recommend looking into our SEO services, you can request a call for more information here. Hope that helps!


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    Re: How do I get sales to my website?



    Actually I have people coming to the web site.  That is not the issue.  I have had over 6000 people view the site, but only 1 sale.  So, SEO is not the issue.  what do you suggest.




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    Re: How do I get sales to my website?

    Hi @Islander,

    It would be helpful if you provided the link to your website so other community members can give you some suggestions. Thanks much!


    Re: How do I get sales to my website?

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    Re: How do I get sales to my website?



    T-shirts are an uber saturated and competitive market.  So much so that getting high rankings will be difficult if not impossible. Did you get your site verified and submit a site map with Google Console?  If not do that!


    Here's what else you can look at...


    => Get an About page up that really talks about why you started the business.   Who you are, what are your passions, why you are doing what you are doing -- in the first person.  As though you are talking to the person on the other side of the screen.  Have some personal info and photos. Doing so helps to make your site unique and you personable and approachable.  Folks like doing business with those they like and feel that can relate to.


    => Based on the prices for some of your t-shirts you really need to create product descriptions that build value to justify those prices.  Work on creating descriptions that make folks think they have to have those art work t-shirts.


    => I also do not see the trust building pages in the main menu that visitors will rely on to know they can be comfortable doing business with you.  FAQ, Contact, Order Info, Shipping info and fees and your return policy. 


    => Start working social media.  The three icons you display are empty and Facebook is a page not found.  That doesn't build confidence.


    => You have one blog post from months ago -- that is really a sales pitch rather than offering any value.  With a name like Island Eddies there are so many things you could write about.  Island life, cocktail and food recipes, party ideas -- all of course things one could wear your shirts while doing!


    => Change the copyright notice at the bottom of the page to 2018.


    All these little things can add up to folks wondering if the site is being paid attention to.   The good news is all of this is easy enough for you to jump on and remedy.   Then, get to working your social channels too!


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: How do I get sales to my website?

    Did your sales increase @Islander?